Online Persona Vs Reality

People troll the internet for fun. Most of those people do not interact with others in real life as they do online. I am guilty of trolling on the internet as so many of us are, and my persona on this blog varies from sincere to sinister. I did not start this blog to make friends, though.

The motivation for trolling is often to thwart those in power. Moderators and administrators, especially in the age of dying message boards, have their egos and people notice that. Either you get along with someone or you don't, so you either kiss ass and fall in line or you throw a wrench in their plans. Currently, I am no longer an active member of any traditional message board, unless you count Reddit.

By the way, there is a Patrick Aei subreddit. It's about as dead as you would expect.

All of this is my way of pointing out that I can be an asshole like anyone else. Sometimes I am unaware of this, but when I make gross references to sex or someone's masculinity, I generally mean to be …

Gibson and Bankruptsy

I hope Harmony Central dies. The Napoleon complex moderators, and you know who I'm talking about, will lose their jobs. No more dry, uninteresting articles or terrible Youtube unboxings. Every single time I logged into that site, I saw a new thread along the lines of "You Suck and We're Going to Tell You How to Fix That." Nothing qualifies them to say those things. The "pros" on that site are only professional in the sense that they collect paychecks from producing bands you never heard of. I never heard of these people before I became a member, and I learned nothing about guitars or music from them.

Gibson owns Harmony Central, and they are slowly dying. In a few months, we'll know if they can sustain their inept business model. While Fender offers many varietals of their classic models at pretty much every price point, Gibson will sell you a substandard American made instrument at any price below $2000. Fender continues to evolve without trying too ma…

The Patrick Aei Discography

For those unaware, my Youtube channel has most of my discography available. Last year, I decided to migrate my music from Soundcloud back to Youtube, though most of my back catalog is available through Mediafire. Since 2007, I released over forty albums, but a good chunk of those are not on Youtube because they either suck or not worth a listen. For a while, my wiki site had a recommended listening list separate from my main discography.

Some of you may remember that I took on the sizeable feat of reviewing my entire discography in 2014. In November 2017, I deleted most of the posts related to my music. Partly, I wanted to give this blog back to the music, but when I want to talk about my own material, I should not shy away. This is my blog, and I try to review albums and artists as a means to analyze them through my unique lens and give them some promotion. However, there is an explanation as to why I do not approve of a lot of my own.

Urinal, my first album released in 2007, is not a…

Lag Thinline Acoustic T100ASCE-BRS Review

Guitarists are an opinionated, salivating, mouth breathing bunch. The true musicians of the world realize that the quality of music is not dependent on their instruments. Last night, I read an interview with Jeff Baxter, gunslinger for Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers, who said a lot of his early work was the result of cheap guitars. In fact, he played guitars he threw together and even designed his own pickups. My friend Jeremy, guitarist of Snowcone For President, plays a Harmony Tele copy he modded to death. He once pulled out his old pink Charvel for me to play, and the strings were so rusty I was afraid to bend a string for fear of breaking one. Mind you, he worked on guitars as his day job.

I read reviews for guitars now and then, and I was curious about the Lag thinline sitting a few feet away from me in my living room. While the consensus about Lag guitars is they're great instruments for the money, a phrase I loathe, you always have the cork sniffers to point out flaws…

This Isn't a Eulogy

When I started Nostalgia is Evil in 2010, I was a different person in a different time. Think about the difference almost eight years makes, and consider my point of view at the time. I was so full of hatred and cynicism. A college freshman with false direction through music and writing. I wanted a career in one or the other, and eight years later I am working forty hours a week and waiting to go back for a masters degree this year.

I broke a lot of my own rules here too. I wrote bad reviews for music I never cared for, which went against my first rule. There is an entry about Batman Forever that remains popular for some reason. My editorial about Peter Buck, and pretty much anything related to him, is my most read post. I tried to use this platform to promote my own music, and people read my writing but rarely listened to my music. That frustrated me, of course.

On top of all that, I'm married now and come home mentally drained from work. I used to look forward to writing here, a…

Why I Took Down Thirty Two

This past year, I uploaded a lot of music to my Youtube channel. It’s the same channel I once had guitar demos and vlogs, but I also released a lot of my music there before I used Soundcloud. Now, most of my discography is available on Mediafire or Dropbox, and I use Youtube to allow easy access to my better material. Honestly, I would erased most of 2011 through 2013 from my discography if I could. I was putting out almost ten albums a year, and recording so much I released them only a month apart.

Then I took a break in 2013, came back with Away From Japan, a great album that rebooted my discography. Since then, every album I release is something I enjoy listening to. I refuse to put out music I don’t love. Before, I figured I couldn’t enjoy my own music and just put out what I thought didn’t suck.

But I grew to detest Thirty Two. It was my first entire album of singer/songwriter tracks without instrumentals. I put out albums with my singing before, but they had instrumentals to fle…

Eric Johnson - Tones

Obsession often comes from a small germ. My current music taste originates in obsession, generally. I go through artists in phases. An ex-girlfriend complained that once I discovered someone new, I would research and obsess over them until I found out everything I could. That was a result of my obsessive compulsive disorder. When I met my wife, my OCD and depression improved, so I no longer felt the need to divulge my psychosis into whoever grabbed me next. With Genesis, it was hearing "That's All" on the radio, which led me to listening to "Misunderstanding" several times a day. I played David Sylvian's Gone to Earth every day for almost two years. When I heard Eric Johnson's "Trail of Tears" from Live in Austin, I somehow lapsed into a new obsession.

What strikes me about Johnson is his own OCD apparent in his guitar tone. He is notorious for nitpicking the details of guitar rig. Oddly enough, he currently plays two Fender Twin Reverb amps …