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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peter Buck Solo Album?

So, my hero is supposedly working on a solo album. He may even sing. It's only going to be on vinyl.

At this point, I could scream, cry, denigrate him, etc, but I have to say: Thank you for saying "fuck you" to your fans, Peter. I hate them too.

R.E.M. fans are on a scale I like to call: The Big Baby Fan Scale. What happens when Michael Stipe does something they don't like? It's alright, he's human. What about when Peter Buck wants to sing? He's an idiot! For an example from a different, but similar, fan base, check out hostile Smiths fans.

I want to make something clear to everyone: Peter Buck is more than a guitar player. He helped write many of the lyrics for, arrange songs, and lead one of the greatest bands of all time for over thirty years. However, Peter is continuously put down, had fingers pointed at him for quality control, and has even been blamed for breaking up R.E.M. Not only are these fans big babies, but they're also ignorant.

Michael Stipe can be a baby too, but he has parked the car for a while, and refuses to record music anymore. Hats off to him. By the way, he's been known to write a good song, play some guitar, and kick a little ass.

Mike Mills is an underrated bass player, overrated ladies man, and is often put behind Peter and Michael.

Bill, I'm sorry, but you checked out in Albuquerque in 1997.

So, Peter Buck wants to record a solo album, only release it on vinyl, and sing? God Bless You, sir.

I want to take the rest of this article to actually write something constructive. Peter, this is an open letter to you, cry babies, and fans who listen to R.E.M., Miles Davis, and Megadeth. You're going to have to be well rounded to appreciate this, friends.

The differences between 1982 and 2012 Peter Buck are numerous. He has played in R.E.M., Minus 5, Tuatara, Venus 3, and has been known to moonlight with other well known artists. What is his worth to the world of music? His guitar style defined a genre, went beyond "jangle," and evolved to great heights by the time he recorded Accelerate. What does he have to offer with a solo album? Good God, the possibilities are endless. If this album is even half as good as Out of Time and a tenth better than Collapse into Now, we have a damn good record on our hands.